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It's all too easy for days to pass without reflection. It's my hope that through a greater active awareness on each day, that I will be able to consider God's presence in my life and in the world around me. Writing has always been a way for me to round up my thoughts. This blog seems like a good place to park those thoughts for my own benefit as well as the benefit of others. Please take a moment to read what I have written, to offer comments, and to share the ideas with others.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

All Parts Together!

Rain over our hillside-photo by Libby Fife

There is in all visible things … a hidden wholeness. —Thomas Merton

It's always amazing to me when things seem to coincide with one another. Somehow it seems to suggest that underneath a world that sometimes looks like it is in chaos, there is actually an order of sorts that isn't always apparent. My personal beliefs tend to point towards the presence of something unseen, maybe not guiding events exactly, but certainly a driving force in the universe.

Just recently, Jews all over the world completed the yearly Torah reading cycle. It's part of tradition to read the Torah from beginning to end each year. Though I have never done it, I did follow along this year thanks to weekly updates via the Internet. The regular events of the Torah give structure to the year and provide a sense of continuity.

And just as the Torah gives structure to the year, so do the seasons in their own way. They have their own regularity too of course. Summer leads to Autumn which leads to winter, etc. Yesterday we experienced some actual rainfall for the first time in months. After such a long and hot and dry summer I almost forgot that rain and cooler weather were possible. It felt like a miracle of some sort. It also helped me to remember that no matter what happens the seasons will continue to progress and cycle regardless of what I do and whether or not I am here. I may become discouraged by such dry weather but eventually, at least for now, some rainfall will eventually occur.

All of it makes me feel comforted, knowing that no matter what, things will continue to go on. All of the disparate parts, both the ones that I can see and the ones that I can't see, will be gathered together to create a whole. 

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  1. Dear Libby your thoughts on how things continue even when we ate gone brought a scripture verse to mind from Genesis 8:22 "As long as the earth endures, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night will never cease. " There is a peace I find in these words. That even with change some things remain constant. So glad you shared your thoughts. Hugs


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