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It's all too easy for days to pass without reflection. It's my hope that through a greater active awareness on each day, that I will be able to consider God's presence in my life and in the world around me. Writing has always been a way for me to round up my thoughts. This blog seems like a good place to park those thoughts for my own benefit as well as the benefit of others. Please take a moment to read what I have written, to offer comments, and to share the ideas with others.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Long HauL

Mt. Lassen-photo by Libby Fife

This last week has been a bit of a sink hole for me. Doesn't everyone have times periodically where they just don't feel up to getting much done? I had some false starts with my painting, had to cancel my participation in a show, and have physically not felt right. Not to worry though! It's a long haul and I guess that you are either in it or not.

With regard to God's presence this week, it was difficult to detect. I haven't been doing any spiritual reading or praying-only thinking-and at these times I find that I am looking up from the base of the mountain rather than looking out and across from the top. Long haul indeed! But, things always pick up eventually and I guess, like the clouds surrounding Mt. Lassen in the photo above, things will eventually clear. But be warned! They may cloud up again so be prepared:)

Hope everyone has had a wonderful week:)


  1. Dear Libby- sounds like you are stepping back and trying to see the big picture. In the end all things will work out. In the mean time know you are not alone we all experience these type of days. The sun eventually starts to shine again!

  2. You will be back to your inspired self in no time, Libby. Ups and downs are so integral to creativity - we all have them. I know I had a day like that myself today!!
    Take care.


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